Be a part of something smaller, invest local

Contribute to building a vibrant community and a thriving local economy by supporting and financing businesses that keep your neighborhood unique. Below you will find entrepreneurs that you can support today or you may find early adopters who will help you launch your own local enterprise.

Start, grow or save your business

A crowdfunding campaign is an unique chance to collect funds while creating/raising brand awareness and building a loyal tribe.

Are you afraid to embark on this path on your own? A Tudigo mentor will be there to guide you at every step of this amazing adventure.

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Keep your dollars where your heart lives

When you invest on Tudigo, not only do you receive awesome rewards or shares from the companies you have backed, but you also generate new jobs and boost your local economy.

Tudigo helps you find, assist and invest in the businesses that matter to you.

How to back a project

How does it work ?

5 years perfecting crowdfunding for entrepreneurs

  • 1000
    projects funded
  • 80 000
  • $12M
  • 76%
    success rate


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Investir dans des sociétés comporte des risques de perte en capital et d'illiquidité. Répartissez bien vos investissements et n"investissez que l'argent dont vous n'avez pas besoin immédiatement.